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Banking Executive – Entrepreneur - FinTech Banking Pioneer

The banking profession Gary Lewis Evans entered in 1971 relied on ten-key adding machines and manual processes to calculate interest. Operating systems were equally unsophisticated, but the rapidly changing world of technology was emerging with profound implications for every aspect of life, personal and professional. Evans learned the banking business well, with a demonstrated track record of profitability, and has been at the forefront of applying advances in technology to consumer banking profitably since 1991

Today, in addition to a digital finance focus, he is a Director of CyberCatch, a new Cyber Security Training and compliance company that helps companies achieve DOJ regulatory compliance with an initial focus on the Defense Industry.

His banking and technology experience is a force to be reckoned with, standing at the cusp of a wholesale transformation in the structure of consumer banking as a virtual tsunami of technological change erodes away the traditional consumer banking system.

By inclination, education and expertise Evans is uniquely qualified to be among the leaders of these digital-based changes and DeFi. In terms of expertise, he has learned every operational, tactical and strategic element critical to managing consumer banking businesses in the course of becoming a bank’s CFO, CCO, COO and ultimately CEO. His is a record of demonstrated bank profitability throughout economic and interest rate cycles during several extremely challenging times. To assess Evans’ inclination toward the use of technology, one only needs a two-minute conversation with him to realize he is a missionary, a spokesman, and a good-will ambassador for technological change in society generally and banking specifically.

Gary Lewis Evans’ internet-based banking professional career consists of three phases: Since the early 1990’s the first two phases of his work have had a significant impact on the structure and value of the consumer banking system. Looking ahead to the third phase, Evans is consolidating and harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize the business. In brief:

Phase1— As President of the traditional bank, La Jolla Bank, Evans opened an internet branch, thereby pioneering internet banking in 1994. (Challenger Bank phase)

Phase 2—  Evans took internet banking to the next level. He was the initial founder and Chief Executive Officer of a pure-play internet bank, Bank of Internet USA (BofI), which opened on July 4, 2000 (and became Axos Bank in 2018). BofI has always been the best performing internet bank and one of the best performing banks among all banks. (Neobank phase)

Phase 3— Evans is creating a new banker-inspired DeFi system featuring major innovations driven by Blockchain technology. Key initiatives include a merchant-sponsored consumer bank, a new mobile payments network and a hybrid blockchain clearinghouse (the first new clearinghouse since ACH was adopted in 1974)

Other achievements

  • 1997, the prestigious publisher, McGraw Hill, produced The Financial Institutions Internet Sourcebook, co-authored by Gary Lewis Evans

  • 2004, he presented “Old-fashioned banking in a high tech medium: internet-only banks” Annual Bank Structure Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

  • He has been active in multiple startup companies and two successful IPO’s, including a unique auction IPO in 2005 at BofI

  • Finalist, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

  • Service on non-profit boards, including the American Red Cross, San Diego Mid-Cities Development Corporation, San Diego Hospice, Salvation Army and San Diego Neighborhood Housing Services

  • As a Digitlord, Evans is an owner of multiple premium domain names, and developer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), eventually to be offered for lease or sale

October 2021


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