all merchants save 50% to 90% vs cards and some merchants earn transaction fees

Sms payments designed  like payment banks in india to serve 95% of population

Paymency Text based Mobile Payment Network is powered by Paymency. Paymency is a unifying system of payments, rewards and digital gift cards that replaces your high cost payment network or maybe your first payment product. Stop paying high transaction fees or for “rewards” that don’t benefit you. GroovyPay will save your business money, help you grow your business with merchant rewards and social digital marketing tools while providing a cool experience for consumers.  We expect to save merchants between 50% and 90% of their merchant card fees.


is available with Paymency’s Prepaid Mobile Network. You will enjoy “easy to understand” pricing plans with no start-up costs or hidden fees. It’s that Simple! Our prices are based upon the amount of transactions you process and not on a percentage or base amount.  We charge as little as 1-1/2 cents for a $1 sale or 24 cents for a $100 sale. All prices are fixed so you know what to expect. Try asking your merchant services provider to explain their pricing.


hold customer funds

with Paymency 1.0 where the money is in your possession. As a prepaid system, you hold the prepaid funds just like Starbucks does. Starbucks hold $1.6 Billion in customer funds. We provide the accounting records you


a product for everyone

as we do not require a bank account or ID to open a new account. Less than ten minutes for a merchant to open and start using a new account and less than 5 minutes for a consumer to open and start using an account. This is a great account for the non-banked and easy for anyone to use.



is based on your preference. Don’t want to print a receipt? No problem. We are big believers in being eco-friendly. You and your customer will receive a receipt by text and e-mail automatically and you will have a quick confirmation of the payment for your records. You don’t have to do a thing. Let Paymency do the work for you


discounts and powerful merchant rewards

help increase sales. Our easy to set-up Rewards program allows you to incentivize customers to return again and again. The built-in program tracks the rewards for each customer and automatically discounts purchases based on pre-set instructions controlled by you. What could be easier?


powerful gift program

is included in our system too! Our easy to set-up Gift program (like a gift card but without the plastic) is a great way to start growing your customer base. Reduce costs by not having to maintain an inventory of cards and cardholders while helping to save the environment. You can easily manage your Gift program and start using it immediately.  You will encourage your customers to give gifts to friends (mobile to mobile)


social digital marketing tools

are a necessity for building a successful business in this age of social media. As we all know, Marketing can be costly, time consuming and somewhat intimidating. We want to support your business and help you succeed. That is why we provide powerful email and text promotions tools to help you Brand and Market your own business and at no additional cost to you.  


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Since September 11, 2001, the government enacted the USA Patriot Act requiring all financial institutions to obtain enough information to identify customers establishing accounts. Paymency is following the USA Patriot Act requirements.
We will do whatever is necessary to meet this requirement. This may include obtaining information such as name, address, date of birth, Tax ID and any additional information that will allow us to identify you.

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