Rewards & Loyalty


Merchants hate card fees and rewards that benefit other merchants. Merchant love merchant rewards and promotions that build sales and profitability. Merchants are adopting apps to enhance their loyalty programs. Paymency is built to enhance merchant apps with our new low cost payment network integrated into their existing apps. This will being the merchant even closer to the customer. Merchants will save 50% to 90% of card fees, and when their app is used for payments at unrelated merchants they will share in our transaction fees. . 

For merchants that have no app we offer our merchant customers a complete rewards and loyalty program built into our system. Our rewards program keeps track of when customers pay at their favorite store and allows the merchant to give customers discounts and freebies to grow their business

Here are some of the benefits of our Rewards and Loyalty Program:


  • Keep using the merchant app and use the payment features to spend at other merchants
  • When needed we provide an optional merchant discount for every purchase
  • Earn rebates or special offers from your favorite merchants
  • Be rewarded for your loyalty, the more you spend the more you save
  • New account bonus feature is available at most merchants
  • No setup or membership fees


  • Keep your current app and incorporate our low cost payments
  • Rewards program creates opportunities to gain new customers and repeat business
  • Convert customer cash payers to mobile and increase sales
  • For merchants that prefer our system outside of their app, grow your business with a new account bonus, discounts on every purchase and points for "Gasification"
  • No setup or membership fees
  • Automated tracking and reporting
  • For merchants that prefer our system outside of their app,PC and Mobile access to your GroovyPay account and all reports