Paymency Decentralized Finance is DeFi From a Bankers Perspective
"A Better USA Consumer Financial System"


Paymency is a First Principles Design and the third leg of a 30 year Fintech banking journey the began when I was President of La Jolla Bank when I Pioneered Internet Banking in 1994.

Not a Bank, not a payment network. Paymency provides the technology and training for retailers and the Nodes on our Blockchain. Paymency is the most innovative and best consumer banking deposit model and merchant payment network. Every participant benefits and Paymency is powered by retail merchants since they derive the greatest benefit.

Merchants will save up to 90% vs. card fees and large merchants will share in our payment transaction fees. By removing middlemen Paymency will earn 2x to 6x what Visa earns.

Walmart and Starbucks have started down a path to banking. Paymency will welcome all merchants and consumers (including the unbanked) to low cost mobile payments and Fintech banking.

Paymency has no need to interface with cards like Visa and only minimal interface with banks.

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