Paymency is The Only Payment Network Built To Save Merchants Money 

Large Sponsor Merchants Are Not The Only Winners

Paymency is the first payment network since Discover Card in 1985 and we serve online and offline mobile payments. Sponsor Merchants will make up less than 1% of all merchants on our Merchant Payment App Network. All others that need to accept digital payments qualify for our merchant payment app network. Paymency mobile payment network replaces or is used alongside a merchants high cost payment network.

With Paymency, Merchants have an alternative to high transaction fees or “rewards” that aren't beneficial.  Paymency will save your business money, help you grow your business with merchant rewards, and provide a cool experience for customers. Paymency will become known by consumers as the source of great merchant rewards. Your customers need only look for the Paymency button to know that you are a quality merchant.  

 Paymency Button

You don't need to be Costco For Low Fees

Save 50% to 90% of current card fees. Typical merchant payment transaction cost is projected to be 10 cents to 20 cents per transaction. We charge as little as a few pennies for a $1 sale or 24 cents for a $100 sale. Most merchants pay $3 or more for a $100 sale. Consumers will learn that the Paymency Button means great value and rewards and the sponsor merchant app will be .


discounts and powerful merchant rewards

Most merchants will prefer to use their own loyalty rewards and we support their payment app or POS with a button the directs payments through Paymency instead of Visa. or other existing payment network. If needed, our easy to set-up Rewards program allows you to incentivize customers to return again and again.


social digital marketing And Rewards

are a necessity for building a successful business in this age of social media. Lower cost payments is a needed merchant benefit.  Use rewards to wean customers from high cost networks to Paymency mobile payment network.

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Since September 11, 2001, the government enacted the USA Patriot Act requiring all financial institutions to obtain enough information to identify customers.
Paymency recognizes the need to adapt the USA Patriot Act, AML, BSA and all Currency Transaction Reporting to our model.  
This may include obtaining information such as name, address, date of birth, Tax ID and any additional information that will allow us to identify you. Paymency will block money laundering through design.

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