IMAGINE A SPONSOR MERCHANT Saving ~50% of  Card Fees, Holding Customer Funds and Sharing in Our Payment Transaction Fees


a new way to bankPaymency allows selected merchants and other large organizations to open merchant payment accounts and hold customer funds, as done by Starbucks. We call those merchants "Sponsor Merchants." Unlike Starbucks, the Paymency merchant payment app can be used at other merchants and the Sponsor Merchants will share in our payment transaction fees whenever it is used at unrelated merchants.

Paymency turns merchant reward apps into a new merchant payment app network, that is comparable to the ubiquitous China payment apps that were built on chat apps. With the payment app network, we estimate that about 1% to 5% of merchants would qualify as Sponsor Merchants.

The merchant payment app will be our most disruptive payment product when we include both sponsor merchants and standard participating merchants (see Merchant Tab). This is not to lesson the value of our SMS product that will meet the banking and payment needs of the unbanked and low income community (see Unbanked SMS Tab).



The Paymency Merchant Payment App, Clearing House and New Payment Network redefines payments and banking. In China, comparable payment apps have replaced cash payments, and consumer bank accounts for consumers. We will do the same in the US with merchant payment apps. Paymency Clearing House is our secret sauce that supports our payment network. A clearing house has been missing from FinTech.



The current generation of merchant customer apps include ample rewards and specials to bring the consumer closer to the merchant. This is to increase merchant sales and profits. Selected large merchants will make themselves even closer to the customer with a new payment app feature with merchant loyalty rewards that are greater than bank card rewards.


Paymency replaces banks and high cost payment cards with large merchants for consumer banking and merchant payments. We provide the needed network and clearing house technology to remove middlemen and save all merchants 50% to 90% of card fees .Paymency low cost merchant mobile payments enhances the current generation of merchant customer apps. The merchant apps already include ample rewards and specials to bring the consumer closer to the merchant to increase sales and profits.  



The Paymency clearing house allows us to clear our payments fast and at a low cost. According to Bloomberg, US banks are terrified of Chinese Payment Apps. In China, more than 2 Billion consumers now use Alipay and WeChat to replace cash and in some cases replace the consumers bank.



Why would un-related merchants participate with a customer that uses a payment app issued by a competitor? Because they will save 50% to 90% of current card fees and the payments are powered by Paymency. Paymency replaces Visa and all other cards. This is done with nothing more than a Paymency Logo button integrated into the payment app or POS, not the issuing merchants name.

Paymency Button


GREAT PRICING  Merchants that use Paymency Merchant Payment App Network will enjoy easy to understand pricing plans with minimal start-up costs and no hidden fees. It’s that Simple! Our prices are based upon the number of transactions you process and not on a percentage of sale or base plus amount. All prices are disclosed so you know what to expect. We charge all merchants as little as a few pennies for a $1 sale or $0.24 for a $100 sale. Try asking your merchant services provider to explain their pricing. How do we do it? Remove the middleman with easy technology driven self-service. We have done this before.
With Paymency Merchant Payment App, the money is held safely in the sponsor merchant’s possession in advance of the customers spend. The purchase can be at sponsor merchant or any enrolled merchant. Merchants will enroll because they save 50% to 90% of what they currently pay card companies.
AUTOMATIC CONFIRMATION AND RECEIPT Don’t want to print a receipt? No problem. Your customer will receive an instant text receipt and you will have a quick confirmation of the payment for your records. The process is very user friendly for merchant and customer. .....and it's eco-friendly
All merchants have, or will be encouraged to have, a proprietary loyalty reward program that will make typical bank card reward programs pale in comparison.
SOCIAL DIGITAL MARKETING As we all know, Social Digital Marketing can be costly, time consuming and somewhat intimidating. Merchants are developing customer apps with rewards and specials. Our lower cost payments and shared transaction fees enhance merchant rewards and offers. We protect specific merchant sales details. Use Social Digital Marketing to move your customers to the Paymency low cost network and away from the high cost existing networks.. Learn from Starbucks, that holds ~$1.6 Billion in customer funds for payments..

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Since September 11, 2001, the government enacted the USA Patriot Act requiring all financial institutions to obtain enough information to identify customers.
Paymency recognizes the need to adapt the USA Patriot Act, AML, BSA and all Currency Transaction Reporting to our model.
This may include obtaining information such as name, address, date of birth, Tax ID and any additional information that will allow us to identify you. Paymency will block money laundering through design.

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