We Give Merchants the Ability to Turn Payments Into a Profit CENTER


Merchant acceptance of credit cards had a very slow adoption because of cost and costs keep increasing until Paymency. Merchants hate card fees and rewards that benefit other merchants. Paymency makes payments merchant centric, as they were prior to the 1970s when Sears Charge Card lost its position as the industry standard. Merchants will use Paymency Merchant Payment App Network and rewards to wean customers away from high cost cards, increase customer loyalty, sales and profits.

Banks are growing credit card portfolios with reward cards that are paid for by merchants. Merchants use mobile to deliver merchant loyalty rewards but the combined cost of card fees and two levels of rewards (bank and merchant) is outrageous. As an example, I have made purchases that included a bank reward card, that also includes interchange and discount fees totaling between 31/2% and 7% all paid by the merchant. Then the merchant rewards me for my loyalty with fees of at least 5%.  The loyalty reward is the only cost that benefits the merchant. We will give merchants a path to remove up to 7% in fees paid to others and grow sales and profits.

Fortunately, the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act and Durbin Amendment provided merchants relief from many restrictive card network rules that we will utilize. As an example, a merchant can refuse to accept a rewards card or give a better reward to consumers that pay with Paymency.

Paymency removes the middlemen, bank reward's, interchange fees and discounts. This will save merchants between 2% to 7% in cost that only benefits others. Then merchants are issuing apps that provide convenience, an enrollment bonus and loyalty rewards that range between 5% to 8%. 

Paymency is built to support all merchant apps and lower merchant card fees with our new low cost payment network. We do this without cards.

For merchants that do not have an app, we offer our merchant customers a complete rewards and loyalty program built into our payment network. Our rewards program allows the merchant to give customer discounts and freebies to grow their business.

Following are ways to benefit from our Rewards and Loyalty Program:

Once a Merchant Enrolls WITH Paymency . . . .

consumers. . . .

  • Pay using the sponsor merchant payment account universally at all merchants online or offline, like a checking account or debit card
  • Earn merchant rewards superior to bank card rewards
  • Are rewarded for their loyalty, the more spent, the more saved
  • Enrollment bonus rewards will be commonplace
  • Have no setup or membership fees

Merchants. . . .

  • Sponsor merchants and all other merchants can creatively use Paymency savings
  • Use the card fees saved to cover existing rewards
  • Create special programs that require the use the Paymency app
  • Incorporate our low cost mobile payments into Sponsor Merchant Apps  or POS
  • If needed, benefit from the Paymency included rewards program, to compete for and gain new customers and repeat business
  • Can all qualify for an account

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Since September 11, 2001, the government enacted the USA Patriot Act requiring all financial institutions to obtain enough information to identify customers.
Paymency recognizes the need to adapt the USA Patriot Act, AML, BSA and all Currency Transaction Reporting to our model.
This may include obtaining information such as name, address, date of birth, Tax ID and any additional information that will allow us to identify you. Paymency will block money laundering through design.

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